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Sour Patch Training (Martingale) Collar

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Welcome our Sour Patch Collar, your pet will simply look beautiful in this Coral and Yellow collar with Green stripe. Martingale collars are safer than choke chains or prong collars. Used with a leash or with your hand, the martingale collar tightens when your dog pulls. This help pup correct leash pulling behavior.Does your pup love to play?? . Have them looking sharp at their next playdate with this fun collar. This Martingale Collar provides more control over the dog without choking effect of a slip collar.

All our collars are water proof, durable, lightweight. They are created with “vegan” leather like material. All our collars are designed for extra small to extra large. Our collars are durable, odorless, and easily sanitized.

Collar Thickness

XS-M 3/4”

L- 1’”

XL- 1'‘