Should I be washing my Dogs Collars and Leashes?

Should I be washing my Dogs Collars and Leashes?

Why should you be washing your dogs collars and leashes

Why Should you wash your dogs collar and leash?

Would like to start this off by saying before I become a dog mom I never thought about how dirty dogs collar and leashes got, and how sometimes its the dog accessories that smell and not your dog. 

If the last 2 years have thought us anything it would be to think about all the people who touch your dogs accessories and how that might be spreading germs,  and how you are bringing those germs into your home.. Dog walker, family members, groomers, or if your dog just drags them on the ground in dog parks or even your yards. 


Your leashes and collars are full of germs.. think about it! so many different people handing your leashes, picking up poop, or even having your dog peed your poop on the leashes. They are basically a breeding ground for bacteria! Yuck!

Ever think your Pup Smells? next time check their collar and leashes, when your dog goes out and rolls around in grass, sand, dirt, all those elements can get traps in their accessories and cause foul smells. So next time check their accessories and see if that is what is causing your dog to stink! One of the best part of Lucky Me Co dog collars and leashes is that they are made of non porous material so there is now where for the dirt to get trapped. 

What kind of things can be on your dogs leash and collar?  Some bacteria can include poop particles, dog saliva, and any other germs you may already have on your hands. 

Why use non porous dog accessories and stay safe from these germs? This is where Lucky Me Co washable products are super helpful! Their dog collars and leashes are easily wiped clean with antibacterial wipes, or washing with soap and water. 

Photo of Lucky Me Co Washable Collars 

Here is a video of how easy it is to clean your collars! it literally took me 5 minutes and bye bye germs!