Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs


Halloween is such a fun and creative holiday! Ive always loved picking out my costumes and going to fun Halloween parties. So fun see how creative people can get with their costumes, and seeing what the costume of the year will be. 

As I got older I've stopped dressing up, but love seeing my kids and dog in their costumes. While we already know how to keep our kids safe like checking their candy, having them wear light up bracelets/necklaces, staying in groups and looking both ways when crossing streets. We often don't think about how to keep our dog safe. So, here are some tip to keep you dogs safe this Halloween. 

1. Calm you scared pup! 

Does you dog have anxiety? Constant door bell ringing can get your pup a fright! make sure you have calming music, or toys ready for your pup! Lick mats, and kong are great tool to help you dog calm down and be less nervous. 

2. Choose a Comfy Costume:) 

We all want our pups to look cute in their costume, but make sure they are comfortable in their costumes. Do not force them into any customers they do not want to be in. 


3. Make sure you dog has their TAGS 

Decoration or costume may make you dog skittish, make their they have their collars and tags so they can easily be found if they get out. Check out our personalized collars to help with that!

4. Stay Away from the JACK O LANTERNS

Even through Pumpkin puree is great for dog to eat, you dog should still be kept away from lite Jack O Lanterns! they can be easily knocked down and cause a fire hazard by your pup. 

5. Keep the sweets away from your sweet pup! 

Its no secret that chocolate is harmful for your dog, so make sure bowl and candies are not left anywhere your pup can easily access. 

And most importantly have fun with your pup! Have them join you in your trick or treating stroll. Lucky loved walking with us last year, he even got a couple of treats from house when they saw him in his costume.