5 Ways to Spend your Dog Days of Summer

5 Ways to Spend your Dog Days of Summer


     5 Things to do with your dog this summer

It's finally summer time! not sure where your located but in July/August it is scorching HOTin New Jersey!! and we are always looking for fun ways to cool off with the family and our pup Lucky. The summer is perfect for time for at the Pools, Beaches, BBQs and time with family and friends. Who is your favorite person to spend your Hot Summer Days with? Your Dog of course!

Here are some tips the American Human to Prevent a Hot Dog Summer. Regular exercise surprisingly can be dangerous for pets during the hot days of summer. If you plan on taking your pet on walk pick time of the day that are less hot like early mornings or evenings. 

A pet in a car is not cool! Your dog can feel the effects of a car in less that 1 minute. If you think cracking a window will help, your are mistaken. If you are going to a spot where your dog can't tag along, make sure you leave them home. 

At home make sure your dogs have access to shade, and fresh water. Even your yard can get super hot make sure you have a bowl of cold water. 


Want to know some fun ways to spend time with your dog and be safe?

 For the Lucky Me Family in particular we love going to the Jersey Shore with our pup Lucky. Island State Park is a great place to bring your dog for some beach time fun! your dog much be on leash, and Lucky love digging for sand crabs.

                      Lucky the dog at the Beach

Want some other fun ways to spend time with your pup this summer? 

We have team up with some awesome dogs that really know how to cool down and enjoys the summer. 

We have created a list of 5 ways to spend your dog days of summer. 


Lets Start with number 5 ...

5. Beach Time or Lake Time 

Looking for a beach to bring your pup to? Here are the top 50 beaches for Dog in the US. 

Check out Penny and Otis relaxing by Lake James in Prudenville Might. 

                    Penny at the lake

And Lucky in Island State Park in Seaside Heights, New Jersey 

      Rescue Dog at the beach in the sand



4. Dock Diving

Diving dogs is a canine sport in which dogs are enticed to run the length of a dock and leap as far out into the water as possible to compete for height or distance. They’re motivated to fly with a prized toy, which is thrown just out of reach in order to help them keep their momentum and get the best launch angle possible.

Charlie and Meka love Dock Diving. Here is a search to looking for Dock Driving places near you!

        Golden Doodle Dock Driving

        Mini American Shepherd Dock Driving



3. Swimming in the pool. 

Some dog might jump in and some might need a couple of swim lessons. Either way Pool safety is very important. Never leave your dog unattended, at the pool even if they know how to swim. Life jackets are the perfect way to assist your pup if they are not sure not to swim yet. And alway try to keep calm in and around the pool. 

Check out Charlie and Michigan splashing in the pool. 

                   Golden Doodle in the Pool                   



2. Don't for about training your dog. 

Even though we all get a little lazy in the summer doesn't mean we should snooze on the training . It is very important to continue to train your dog through the summer. Remember consistency is key! Take you dog out later in the evenings for some fetch training or a game of Frisbee! or take them to the local shops that are cooler to walk around, and practice not jumping and staying.


Check out Meka's Ball and Frisbee Training. 

Dog Ball Training


     dog with frisbee training

Saint practicing her Stay at the local Nursery. 


                bull dog at the plant store 


1. The last tip is one that the whole family can enjoy ... ICE CREAM!


So set up a date that the whole family can get together and go out for some delicious ice cream. 


From the smile on Franklins Face everyone enjoys a little ice cream to end a nice summer day. 

                   Dog Eating Ice Cream  


That's all for now! make sure you check out our washable, waterproof, durable collars and leashes that you can take with on all these summer adventures. So go out and make some memories with the whole Family and your Dog.